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Client: International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 122, Watertown, MA

Newsletter: The Silent Messenger

Farenga writes articles and uses desktop publishing to produce their monthly newsletter.


Client: Holt Associates Inc.

Newsletter: Growing Without Schooling

Farenga used desktop publishing to produce their bi-monthly newsletter for all their issues.


Client: NameMedia

Email Newsletter:

BuyDomains Newsletter


Dear Subscriber,

Domain names are not just Internet identifiers, they are business builders. Buydomains has ten years of experience and knowledge that we can share with you to build your online business. For instance, I want to show you how to increase your customers by adding geo-targeting to your domains.

Let's consider the domain for an imaginary florist,, in Lansing, Michigan. By adding a customer's local area, Lansing, with the generic term for the product he is searching for, flowers, we get the domain that redirects its incoming traffic to Any user entering in his browser bar would land directly on By purchasing other domains, such as and, Jane's Flowers could own the flower category in her neighborhood and leave her competitors with fewer options to attract local customers looking for flowers using highly targeted searches.

If you want to add geo-targeting to your domains, or if you want to learn about other ways of building or expanding your business online, call one of our Domain Consultants today at 1-866-277-3420 (U.S.) or +1 781-839-7997 (Worldwide). Or check out our vast catalog of geo-targeted domains and free educational resources here.

Best wishes for business success,

Jason Miner VP Sales, BuyDomains